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ITV is a family owned company, that has been manufacturing ice machines for forty years. The company was founded in 1981 by Octavio Cordon, Engineering Manager and General Manager of the biggest commercial refrigeration equipment company in Spain at the time. In those years, most ice machines arrived to Spain from the US, at a very high cost, and with tariffs to be paid. Octavio had the vision of manufacturing ice machines in Spain, within the company he worked for, but the owners wouldn’t hear of it.

So, Octavio decided to sell his shares in the company, and start his own, which he named Industria Tecnica Valenciana, meaning Technical Industry of Valencia. He wasn’t sure whether he would end up manufacturing other equipment apart from the ice machines, so he didn’t wan’t to compromise with a name. In the end, after forty years, ITV has only manufactured ice machines, but quite succesfully.

Very soon, the products that ITV designed were very popular, not only in Spain, but in many other countries. They were competitive and reliable, and the company was famous for it’s unparalleled level of customer service.

Years went by, and ITV grew consistently, developing new products, wining new markets, new customers. Time came to bring in the second generation to help in the business, so Cristina Cordón, Octavio’s daughter, started working for ITV.

Today, Cristina and her husband Javier, run the company.

The new generation focused on structuring ITV’s team, facilitating the transformation for the future to come, creating new technologies and practices in lean manufacturing, quality control, competitivity, product development, and energy efficiency, whilst not losing the values that made ITV great.

New products have been developed, new markets have been won, new customers have joined us. ITV is bigger today than what it used to be, but we’re still a family owned business, with a family philosophy in our relationships with our team, our customers, and our suppliers