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The SPIKA ITV range responds to the needs of fast-food establishments with machines ideal for large consumption of ice.

SPIKA machines are vertical evaporating, with the water distributor patented by ITV which produces ice in the form of 
dice and half dice.


The design of the ALFA machines seeks a compromise between the volume and the number of pieces of ice. The result is a cube with straight edges that increases productivity (more cubes per cycle) and optimizes storage. ALFA machines achieve, therefore, the best relationship between production and cost.


Designed to produce the perfect, elegant cube par excellence, the range of GALA machines incorporates all of the technological advances of ITV-Ice Makers. The result is a piece of ice that is served in the vast majority of quality establishments in the West.


The ICE QUEEN series produces ice diced or granular ice, while benefiting from its vertical cylindrical evaporator and high resistance spindle. In addition to its traditional uses in the food and health sectors, granular ice has been keenly incorporated into other activities such as spas and therapeutic treatments. 


The ice storage BINS are an indispensable element in order to produce large amounts of ice. An adequate storage bin avoids problems of space, saves work and money and guarantees an abundant stock. We have a wide range of storage bins to adapt to any ITV ice machine and to respond to all requirements.


SIRION Ice Dispenser is the optimal solution if you want to be sure that you have ice at all times in order to provide the desired level of comfort and build up customer loyalty. It is easy to use, silent and efficient, just like having a personal butler to serve your clients. ITV’s new ice dispenser produces large and small ice cubes.