IQ 900

IQ 900

IQ 900 A

The ICE QUEEN series produces ice cubes or granular ice, while making use of a vertical cylindrical evaporator and high resistance spindle. In addition to the traditional uses of this ice in the food and sanitary sectors, other activities such
as spas, therapeutic treatments and laboratories have been incorporated with force.
These machines produce WET GRANULAR ICE. It has a larger percentage of moisture, which is perfect for supermarkets, fish transport, fruit and vegetables, as well as industrial applications in the food sector.

The oversized condenser is optimal for hot climates in both versions (refrigeration by air and by water). The manufacturing system of ice is simple, reliable, and without electronics, prepared for areas with calcareous water and difficult working conditions.
The ICE QUEEN machines allow you to regulate the moisture content of the ice depending on the different applications and uses allocated to the production, and the user’s preferences and taste.

24 hr production: 980 lbs @ 70ºF, 710 lbs @ 90ºF
Dimensions: 26 5/8” W x 21 3/4” D x 26 3/8” H

Shipping Carton: 29 7/8” W x 26 3/8” D x 31 7/8” H
Net Weight: 181 lbs

Shipping Weight:251.3 lbs

Specifications based on air-cooled models

*Water cooled units available under special order only
Voltage (Volts/Herzs/Phase)
- Standard: 208-230/60/1
- Available: 208-230/60/3, 220/50/1, 380-440/50-60/3
Fuse Size: 15
Nema Plug Type: 5-15P
Energy & Water Usage
Water: 4.9 gal./hr.

Amps: 9.5

Available Condenser Options: Air or water
Finishing: 304 Stainless Steel
Refrigerant: R404a
Cube style: Flake

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