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Quick when producing and cubes that cool the drink at full speed (in seconds your drink is cold). The range of Spika ITV responds to the needs of fast-food establishments with machines ideal for large consumption of ice. The dual Energy Star certification and ARHI guarantee maximum energy efficiency. A special switch facilitates easy and agile cleaning. Spika machines are presented in low-counter (New Generation technology), or in modules with the option of stacking them and duplicating the production in the same space.

Spika machines are vertical evaporating, with the water distributor patented by ITV which produces dice and half dice cubes.

The oversized condenser is optimal for warm climates in both versions (cooling by air and by water). The manufacturing system is simple, reliable, and suitable for calcareous areas and difficult working conditions. In both versions it is manufactured to 220v/50, 220v/60 and 115v/60 Hz. 

NEW WATER DISTRIBUTOR: Increases resistance against scale build up. Easily removable and

INLET WATER CONNECTION THROUGH EVAPORATOR: Helps to harvest; precools water; assists
energy recovery.

EASY ACCESS FOR SERVICE AND INSTALLATION: Designed to have better access to all components
making installation and servicing operations easier. One person can disassemble the entire machine
with a basic screwdriver.

OPERATING LIMITS: Tropicalized machines (Class T); Suitable for high temperature environments of
109S04;F (43S04;C). Water pressure ice maker: Min. 10 psi. (0.7 bar.)/ Max. 85 psi. (6 bar.).   
NOTE: Install a pressure reducer if water inlet pressure is more than 85 psi. (6 bar.).

MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT: With a “NEW” vertical plate evaporator, Spika Series is more energy
efficient, reducing water and electricity consumption.

WARRANTY: 36 months parts and labor + 24 additional months parts on compressor and

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