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About ITV

our team
ITV-Ice Makers is a manufacturer of ice machines.  Beyond this simple reality, people live and work and, this is what makes our daily activity such an enriching task, full of responsibilities but also exciting challenges.  ITV is a human and humanizing company, projecting, inviting and integrating its customers and suppliers.  The family background of the company constitutes a guarantee for the validity of the Founder’s original philosophy based on building lasting relationships with customers, suppliers and associates, reinforced by the professional qualifications of their human capital.

everything is connected...
We all are vital to achieve ITV’s objective.  The satisfaction of our customers can’t be separated from the satisfaction that we feel as the associates of this company.

our values
Our values are founded on integrity and professional ethics, establishing internal policies to reflect positively on people’s health and safety, with flexibility to listen, learn and to be proactive and responsive to the needs of our customers and associates, yet always maintaining the passion to achieve excellence and success.
Innovation and dynamism are determining core values in our business plan and actions, based on a commitment to succeed, and require professional management that is based within the organizational structure.

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