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   We would like to thank all Choice Hotels members visiting our booth at Choice Hotels Convention held in Las

   It was our pleasure and we enjoyed many positive conversations and testimonials from some customers who
    already have an ITV Ice          Dispenser in their hotel.

   We were impressed by the number of visitors and the great interest in our products, especially the ice Dispenser.
   The hotel owners are taking advantage of ITV’s Special Promotion for attendees. We are receiving orders every   


Happy Customer Testimonial

“I bought an ITV ice dispenser for my hotel last year and I’m not regretting my decision. It is a very efficient ice machine.
I haven’t had any problems and it is amazing how the ice dispenses very fast.    
I have another dispenser of another brand and there is no comparison, the ITV ice dispenser is faster and much better.
I recommend ITV to all my Choice Hotels partners.”
Joe Gimaro
Quality Inn
Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania





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