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Cocktail Florida

a mixture of differing possibilities.....

As the ice makers we are, in ITV we adore the different uses and benefits of this element created by our
machines. There is one which we especially like, cocktails.

With or without alcohol, making a combined drink is always something fun and tasty. For this reason we
are including in our recipe book a creation that has different varieties: with alcohol and without it. Even
though the first option is the most popular we want the whole family to enjoy it.

We are talking about Cocktail Florida where citrus fruits are the star as well as they are in the American
state that names the delicious drink. We are going to list the ingredients for one person in two different


5cl pinapple juice

5cl orange juice

5cl kiwi juice

½ kiwi

Ice cubes


15ml Gin

5ml triple dry

30ml orange juice

5ml lemon juice

Preparation: Shake all ingredients and strain it into a cocktail cup, serve with ice cubes ITV. We strongly recomend gourmet ice cube, GALA model.

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